About Me

The facts and the fun



Most of my days are spent with Spotify cranked up, brainstorming concepts and crafting designs with a refined sensibility for digital and print. I love a good challenge and working up a web page layout and design with optimal user experience allows me to exercise my technical side. Inspiration always strikes when I’m on set in the photo studio, finding a way to curate the right combination of elements to capture a shot. And finally, with brand and consumer mindset at heart, collaborating on a marketing strategy that combines creative elements and an engaging story brings it all together.


When it’s time to unwind you’ll find me in yoga class, making jewelry, or hunting down the best margarita in town. Dallas is where I call home and in my world nothing beats game nights with friends and taking adventures with my husband and dog.


Please feel free to email me regarding questions or freelance opportunities at hello@jessicaoviedo.com.

Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jessicagriffingoviedo

Graphic Design

Digital and Print

Web Design

Ecommerce, UI, UX

Art Direction

Photography and Design


Omnichannel strategy collaboration