About Me



Most of my days are spent with Spotify cranked up, brainstorming concepts and crafting elevated designs for digital and print. I love a good challenge and working up a web page layout with optimal user experience allows me to exercise my technical side. Inspiration always strikes when I’m on set in the photo studio, finding a way to curate the right combination of elements to capture a shot. And finally, with brand and consumer mindset at heart, collaborating on a marketing strategy that combines creative elements and an engaging story brings it all together.


Celebrating wins is so much better when it’s with a great team. As a creative manager I always strive to lead by example, create a collaborative and supportive environment, and guide my team as they find their own solutions to challenges.


When it’s time to unwind you’ll find me in yoga class or hunting down a new favorite park in Dallas. And nothing beats going on adventures with my family.


Please feel free to email me regarding questions or freelance opportunities at hello@jessicaoviedo.com.

Connect with me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jessicagriffingoviedo

Graphic Design

Digital and Print

Web Design

Responsive, Ecommerce

Art Direction

Photography and Design


Integrated Marketing Strategy